Trinity Knitting Group

psm123This is a group of keen knitters who produce Prayer Shawls to order.psm2446
The knitter thinks of the recipient and prays for them as she knits the shawl.  The finished shawl is then placed beside the cross in church and blessed.  It is then given to the recipient with an explanation of this process and a hope that the wearer will find comfort from it.
So far, over 20 shawls have been gifted and the people who received them have been very grateful for their shawls.
When a Prayer Shawl is requested, the person making the request usually pays for the wool.
baby clothes 2
Recently we have been asked to knit baby clothes for the Special Care Baby Unit at Harrogate Hospital. Again before these clothes are given to the hospital they are blessed in church.
We’ve also been going full steam ahead in knitting hats, purses and headbands for the Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal. So far this year 285 hats, about 90 purses and 50 headbands have been knitted by our group!
Knitting group Samaritan's purse
We welcome any other knitters to join us!


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