Learning Together

‘Learning Together around the Bible’


Over the past three years we have been running a variety of programmes to which all those interested are invited to attend. Each programme lasts for approximately eight weeks and we meet for the purpose of learning together as we seek to live the Christian life. No question raised is ever deemed ‘silly’ or unimportant because if  questions arise it is because someone or more folk  are interested in exploring the answers. This approach enables us all to operate on the basis of total equality which is important to the ethos of the group. Over the past three years we have covered a range of programmes with the emphasis being on finding out what the Bible says and how we can live it out in our daily lives. These have included ‘Christianity Explored’ ( a study in Mark’s Gospel), ‘Understanding Prayer and its Practice’, ‘The Normal Christian Life’ covering the aspects of  becoming and growing as a Christian’. In the eight weeks leading up to Easter in 2015 we studied the ‘Biblical Covenants’ leading up to the Messianic Covenant and the sharing in a Passover meal involving over 40 people from around the circuit.

At the end of each programme, we evaluate its effectiveness in meeting needs and then move on to discuss what members would like to see developed in the next one.

Transformed lifeIn September 2015 we are started an eight week programme entitled ‘The Transformed Life’ which took the three vital questions of ‘Who am I? (Identity); ‘Where do I belong?’ (Belonging) and ‘What am I living for?’ (Purpose). It was accompanied by a wide range of resources and was based on Ephesians Chapters 1-3. In May 2016  rolled this out across the whole church. For  7 weeks the Sunday services and Sunday School were based around the weekly theme. There were discussions groups on the theme.  In addition members bought the Transformed Life book and read the relevant chapter each week.

 These programmes were carefully designed to appeal to those wanting to explore Christianity, as well as those who have been churchgoers for many years.

For more information and answers to questions you may have,  please contact Don Rolls either at the church or by email on panddrolls@virginmedia.com

Journeying with Jesus to Jeruslaem Lentern Study 2016Lentern Group 2016

A 7 week series  at which we took a closer, in depth look at the gospel readings leading to Easter Sunday.



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