Tour de France weekend & Patchwork & Quilting Exhibition July 2013

In July 2013 the Tour de France finished Day 1 just down the road from Trinity in Parliament Street and Trinity joined the rest of Harrogate by getting involved in the celebrations.

We held a Patchwork & Quilting exhibition in the church for 4 days – the quality of the patchworks on display was amazing, we were even lent the Yorkshire Gold Cup winning quilt. As did most organisations and many private houses we showed our support for the Tour de France by having a bike outside but instead of ours being yellow it was covered in patchwork!

On the day itself we served tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake and we have never had so many visitors, we even had queues waiting to get in to church.  The whole atmosphere was amazing and a day none of those involved will ever forget.

20140703_220100_Android Trinity ready for Tour de France Trinity's patchwork bike

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